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Welcome to Tampa Bay, Florida!

Tampa Bay has all of the attributes that make Florida one of the world's favorite destinations. Enjoy a waterside cafe, a day at Busch Gardens, see live sharks at The Florida Aquarium, ride a streetcar to Channelside for shopping, and check out a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, see the Devil Rays, or a Lightning game. Then on to historic Ybor City where the Cuban sandwiches are hot and crisp, the cigars are hand-rolled, and the colorful streets are lined with fun.

The abundance of natural beaches, lakes and rivers greatly adds to the Tampa Bay area's overall appeal. Crowded cities and busy roads seem miles away when you paddle down the scenic Hillsborough River. Snorkeling, diving, sailing, fresh or saltwater fishing, kayaking, chartering a sunset cruise or simply spreading out a towel and unpacking a picnic lunch can be enjoyed almost every day of the year.

The arts are a vital component of this vibrant community. Theater groups, orchestras, world-class performance halls, museums, galleries and much more provide enriching performances, inspirational youth education programs, and exhibits that showcase the world's most talented artists, actors and musicians.

Visit Ybor City and discover the cigar industry. The cigar industry originally brought to Tampa in the late 1800s by Don Vicente Martinez Ybor created a 12,000-strong immigrant workforce that churned out 700 million cigars a year. It also created a vivacious Latin community, a "cultural collage," where Spaniards, Italians, Cubans, Germans and Romanian Jews worked and lived side by side.

In Tampa Bay, any excuse to celebrate will do and locals break out the fireworks, parade floats, food vendors and live entertainment nearly every month for the area's fantastic line-up of festivals and events. While the cool and breezy days of spring draw the largest concentration of festivals, Tampa's wild and wacky cast of characters are showcased year-round through unusual events.

Tampa's exciting growth as a cruise destination has helped the Port of Tampa become the fastest growing cruise port in North America. The growing number of cruise ships means more options for your vacation. Cruise passengers love Tampa and its climate. The waterfront area with its immediate access to the Gulf of Mexico is an ideal port for the cruise industry. 

The dining scene in Tampa Bay is among the most diverse and distinctive in Florida. From the waterfront bistros serving fresh seafood to the Spanish dishes served by families who own and operate their own cafes, to the quest for a memorable meal ends here. Every type of food and every sort of atmosphere is offered on the local menu. Enjoy the evening at an outdoor cafe with a steaming cup of Cuban coffee, a smooth nightcap, a fine cigar or a sumptuous dessert while watching the stars. Or enjoy the moonlight and listen to the waves on one of the area's dinner and dance cruises or private charters.

For those that love to shop, there are Major shopping malls plentiful, as are smaller collections of specialized stores located in unique and distinct neighborhoods. Antique shops, vintage clothing stores, weekend markets that feature handmade jewelry and crafts, and most major chains round out the area's ever-changing, ever-expanding retail environment. 

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