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The many sides to Jacksonville!

The ocean forms the First Coastís eastern boundary with more than 60 miles of shoreline from the Georgia border to the southern end of St. Johns County. Whether your favorite activity is shooting hoops, communing with nature or cheering on your little leaguer, youíll have every opportunity in this areaís exhaustive recreational avenues. There are hiking trails, canoeing trails and biking trails. There are baseball fields, soccer fields and football fields. There are basketball courts, volleyball courts and tennis courts.  There are skateboard parks where young daredevils defy gravity and dog parks where Fido can connect with his inner dog. The St. Johns and St. Marys rivers, the Intracoastal Waterway, and their creeks and tributaries add hundreds of additional miles of waterfront for all sorts of water sports.

Jacksonville sits at the confluence of several formidable food traditions. Farm-raised, Southern-fried cooking reaches deep into Northeast Florida, putting butterbeans, okra, grits, ham and fried chicken on many tables. Slow-cooked Southern barbecue takes on a distinctive twist here with red, yellow and hot-pepper sauces vying for primacy.
And local seafood ó bountiful shrimp and bodacious fresh and saltwater fish ó finds its way into dishes with a distinctive South Atlantic low-country flair.
This corner of the world may be spread out, but you can find your own niche within one of our many towns, cities and neighborhoods.

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